For the design of personalized learning environments we use our experience in addressing the specific training needs of corporations, SMEs and higher education institutes in the era of web 3.0, Open Educational Resources and MOOCs.

Our vision is to serve what Web 3.0 should be all about by utilising learner’s data for their own benefit in learning thus promoting the “democratisation” of user data instead of its exploitation for marketing and advertising purposes as happens today with Web 2.0.

Here are some of our projects in the area of personalized learning:


Adoption of Sustainable Accounting Practices for Reporting – Report-ASAP: The project helps SME adopt sustainable accounting principles. We developed a training course on sustainable accounting, created an online multimedia course and designed a Dynamic Demonstrator tool to visually communicate the key concepts of the project.


online Business and e-cOmmerce cOaching for increasing entrepreneurShip among youth - BOOST4youth: We developed training content for cross-border entrepreneurship through utilization of the online channels and we designed an interactive tool for facilitating the personalized delivery of the training. The personalization tool allows users to choose specific e-Business related actions to implement in each phase of the E-commerce lifecycle at their own time and pace. The actions proposed by the tool depend on specific characteristics of the user (SME).


PBrand4ALL - Personal Brand Development For All: PBRAND4ALL aims to assist adult job seekers to improve their employability by providing them with the necessary skills to build and maintain their personal brand. To that end, we are developing an online interactive tool, which offers learners a personalized training pathway based on their character traits. The tool consists of different layers aiming to diagnose the behavioural and situational background of its users in order to recommend training strategies tailored to their needs.


See First- Seeking First Job Equipped with Proper Skills: SEE FIRST aims to foster the employability of young indiviuals by upskilling their soft skills. We are developing an online interactive tool that will offer personalised training pathways to learners. The tool will assess learners' current knowledge and skills and provide them with actions that will help them achieve the desired situation. It will also allow learners to learn at their own pace, while those who follow the personalised strategy and complete the actions successfully will gain a form of recognition (Open Badge).