We create serious games for all audiences based on the Unity 3D engine. By studying the training needs of our target groups we elaborate storyboards which materialize into engaging games for disseminating knowledge.

Our games transcribe static content to goal based training of high learning value and increased engagement.

We use Augmented Reality as a purely visual tool for communicating confusing concepts such as online safety and particularly online identities to school children and adults.

Here are some of our projects in gamified learning:


Increasing the attractiveness and sense of creativity through Coding, Computational Thinking and "Internet of Things" (IoT) related processes among adults - ACTiFE: A serious game to promote interdisciplinary approach. ACTiFE helps adult learners enhance their digital and entrepreneurship skills by combining coding and IoT concepts with Smart Agriculture.  The ACTiFE game can be downloaded from here.





HELPING IMPROVE IN-SERVICE TRAINING OF TEACHERS ON SAFER INTERNET – IDentifEYE: An Augmented Reality Content Management system (ARCMS) was developed to facilitate the creation of quiz style games with augmentations by teachers and children. The ARCMS supports also the introduction of sound to questions so as to enhance the augmentations and offer a more engaging experience to children.

Augmented reality and new media against online promotion of unhealthy foods – ANEMELO: We developed an interactive Augmented Reality based game for children 11 to 16 years old to be administered by professionals working with them (e.g. teachers or social workers). The game helps children develop a deeper understanding of online advertising by making it possible for them to identify relevant techniques promoting junk food while playing games or participating in online activities of food manufacturing companies.




Think Social - Promoting Social Entrepreneurship Mindsets:  The project aims to enable disadvantaged groups of adults or adults with fewer opportunities to foster the social entrepreneurship mindset so as to become innovators of sustainable development using environmental and cultural challenges. To achieve this, we will deliver:
- an Augmented Reality (AR) Game, which will promote the learning materials and assessment tools of the Social Business Road map
- an Online Interactive Support Centre and a Network Platform, serving as a community of users where everyone can interact and share information, experience and knowledge.




DIGITALROUTES@CULTURE - Promoting social entrepreneurial competences based on the digitalisation of cultural heritage for a sustainable future:  The DIGITALROUTES@CULTURE project aims to develop an open, dynamic and interactive Web Portal and Mobile App which will map the Cultural Heritage aspects using Augmented Reality thus allowing the potential to create Cultural Routes of tangible (monument, artefact, clothing, historic town etc.), intangible (skill, expression, performing art etc.) and natural (landscape etc.) spaces across each partner’s country using each region as the basis.




SnailVille - Heliculture Serious Game for the promotion of sustainable snail cultivation businesses focusing on exports:  SnailVille project will develop a heliculture training game for low-skilled adults & potential snail farmers on how to start a profitable business, with the least financial risk. In this way, the training game will serve as a single information point which will guide a potential snail farmer, on how to start a snailculture depending on his/her unique situation (financial capability, background, geographical location, etc.) by minimising the risks associated with traditional snail farming (snail diseases, egg hatching, formulation of best feed, etc.).