Our R&D unit does applied research in the wider area of ICT-enabled Education & Training.

Our areas of focus comprise:

  • PHYSICAL COMPUTING - STEM: We design and develop a series of DIY wooden computers and consoles based on the Raspberry Pi single board computer. We constantly develop content on the Minecraft Pi and Scratch environments for controlling devices through the Raspberry GPIO and learning programming and physical computing. Check out our webshop here.
  • INTERNET/SCREEN ADDICTION: We actively participate in the social dialogue about Internet/Screen Addiction, advocating in support of fighting a technological problem with technological tools rather than absence from technology or by limiting/restricting use of technology. Check out our Screen Addiction projects and tools here.
  • PERSONALISED LEARNING: We design highly personalised training engines based on complex and multidimensional user models and profiles which simulate the learners and their needs. Our engines address the specific training needs of corporations, SMEs and higher education institutes in the era of web 3.0, Open Educational Resources and MOOCs. Check out our personalised projects and tools here.
  • INCLUSION BY DESIGN: We use ICT in the battle against social exclusion and intolerance. Our personalisation engine facilitates the design of inclusive learning tools which adapt the content development and content delivery environment according to the types of learners (ex visual preference, oral preference, gaming, etc.) and any learning difficulties automatically identified or manually declared by the learner (ex Dyslexia, ADHD, etc.).
  • GAMIFIED LEARNING: We design and develop educational games and gamified applications and content for the VET, adult and school education sectors. Our gamified learning applications are built on Augmented Reality frameworks and the Unity 3D engine